The Seattle Pig Project

We started with a bronze pig in each style to use as a model for our mold.   To make the mold, several coats of releasing agents are applied to the pig.

We then apply the tooling gel-coat.  The mold is divided up into ten sections so each piece will pull off.

After a significant amount of thickness of fiberglass is applied, the fiberglass molds are removed from the bronze pig.

Once the ten fiberglass molds are built, we apply releasing agents to them and gel-coat them with a gray finish.

To make a pig, fiberglass is applied by hand and with a chopper gun to the inside of each piece.

After drying, all the individual pieces are bolted together and the seams are bonded from the inside.

Once the molds are bolted together and the inside seams are fiberglassed, we allow the pigs to cure.

Then the fiberglass molds are removed and a pig is born.  One last piece is put into place.

The seams are finished and sanded.  A numbered card is sealed onto the bottom of one foot on the pig.

The pigs were shipped to Seattle where artists then painted and decorated them. They are on display throughout downtown Seattle.