Starter Hatchery Tanks


These starter hatchery tanks were built 3' wide, 3' deep, 24' long.

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Our tanks are constructed with Balsa Core  sandwiched between laminate for maximum strength.
Then painted and polished.

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Tanks have elevated legs for drainage.

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12 starter tanks were easily shipped to Alaska by truck.

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They are shown here installed at Snettisham Hatchery.
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Large Hatchery Tanks


These large hatchery tanks were built 30' in diameter and 12' deep.

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Easily shipped to Alaska by truck. ltank5.jpg (15427 bytes) custom fiberglass pics 002.jpg (160133 bytes)
Installed and working. custom fiberglass pics 003.jpg (141299 bytes) custom fiberglass pics 001.jpg (140767 bytes)











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