The Dinosaur Project     


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We built these dinosaurs for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History in Albuquerque, NM for their Dino Stampede which was held in the summer of 2003.  

The design and models of both the Pentaceratops and the Seismosaurus were created by Dennis Liberty Studios of Albuquerque, NM  505-345-3254

The Pentaceratops was enlarged by Bret Chomer Studios in Santa Fe, NM, 505-989-1155.

The Dinosaurs arrived as clay models.  (Seismosaurus shown here)
This Pentaceratops has now been fiberglassed and is ready to be molded.
The molds will be made up of a lot of small pieces.
The Seismosaurus back and neck (upside down). 
The final stage of the molding process.

Molds removed, grinding and sanding of seams completed,

these dinosaurs are finished.

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