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2928 N Napa
Spokane, Washington  99207

Custom Fiberglass since 1975

Custom Fiberglass operates in Spokane, Washington, and takes orders from every corner of  the United States, including Alaska.  Boat repair, jet ski repair, and any fiberglass repair are affordable done right with over 30 yrs experience.

We produce large and small fiberglass hatchery tanks, water holding tanks, large (80,000 gallon) outdoor water holding tanks, dam barrier buoys, power line markers, molded pipes and manifolds, life size animals, lawn ornaments, fiberglass statuary and much more.  Shipping by truck is convenient and affordable.

We  design and build prototypes.  More recently was the production of the fiberglass pigs for Seattle's "Pigs on Parade",  one of our favorite projects.

Our latest statuary project involved building two types of dinosaurs for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History in Albuquerque, New Mexico.